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First of its kind on TV. . . .

AgriTV Channel

AgriTV is a newly established, independent TV Channel service showcasing a wide range of TV shows designed to empower, inform and educate the viewers about Agriculture, Smart farming tools & technology, farming options, Agri-Edutainment content to ensure Food Security. It's aimed at assisting farmers to explore new markets. It is a 24 / 7 Channel on farming and agriculture in general.

A dedicated Agri Channel is the first of its kind on TV. The Channel features everything from organic farming, soil preparation, plant & animal production, water conservation, to how to get funding or assistance through Government or other agriculture funding institutions / programmes. 

We aim to create an inclusive and sustainable media Channel that Visually shows what is Vibrant, Relevant and Distinctive about farming and agriculture. We use our vast Farming experience to empower Backyard and Subsistence farmers to become Commercially and Economically viable enterprises through Smart Farming.

The idea behind the establishment of an Agriculture-based channel was conceived out of a lack of a single information sharing platform in the farming industry and agriculture as a whole. Our goal is to empower the farmers and viewers with the farming practices, animal production, the potency of seed varieties and various ways to enrich soil in order to get the most out of the ground.

Our website is an information portal aimed at sharing information as well as linking farmers, consumers, with the markets. We aimed at harnessing technology which is changing farming and agricultural practices rapidly. We make use of technology to keep you informed. The Channel will broadcast on DStv/Openview, stream-live on our website, mobile App, YouTube and Facebook worldwide.

AgriTV produces high quality, engaging and informative video content from high end HD broadcast quality production. We encourage our viewers to send us their videos.

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