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Daisy Moleko

Rabbit Farmer: The demand of rabbit meat is growing. If interested send Daisy a brief proposal on how you need to be assisted:

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Elton Greeve

EMG Agri-Solutions provides comprehensive specialist support and advisory services packaged for the SA and African agri-sector.


Siphiwe Sithole

Siphiwe Sithole is the founder of African Marmalade, an organic farming enterprise and grows non-GMO maize, collards (Egyptian cabbage), beans from Malawi, Zambia and Nigeria, garlic, ginger, turmeric. Blackjack, bitterleaf, yams and hottest chillies from central Africa.

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Wandile Sihlobo

‘Finding Common Ground’, is a must read by Agricultural Economist Wandile Sihlobo, portrays the state of South African land reform and the farming sector.


Dr Naudé Malan

Dr. Naudé Malan is a Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at the University of Johannesburg. He's the answer to the struggles of emerging farmers from the townships and founded a Soweto-based farmers’ lab: Izindaba Zokudla (“conversations about food”).

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Andile Somdaka

Chef Andile successfully served both former Presidents, Tata Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. He has well over 16 years of experience in the catering industry. "Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all." (Chef Andile).


MEC Desbo Mohono

Desbo Mohono is currently the MEC for the Department of Agriculture and Rural, Development in the North West Province. She is a hardworking and dedicated leader.

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Elton Stevens

Elton is a successful sheep farmer in North West. He's a real Agripreneur who hails from a Finance & Accounting background.

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Graeme Houghton

Grow bags are made of felt or other non-woven, pressed fabrics, which have small holes in them to allow the free circulation of air, excess water can easily drain keeping moisture. This is a perfect solution for urban farming.

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Andre Haywood

With South African manufactured Hammer Mills, you can grind your own mielie meal.


Caroline McCann

Caroline is the owner of Braeside Meat Market which is 100% certified supplier of free range & grass fed meats.

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Don is a blogger and has written many articles about Agriculture, Permaculture, Fruit Forrest, Agro-Economy, etc.